A tweet became the reason for John-Bipasha’s breakup

John Bipasha Breakup Reason: Some couples were made in Bollywood, which were liked by the fans a lot. Fans always wanted to see these couples together, but due to one reason or the other, their relationship broke up. One such pair was John Abraham and Bipasha Basu, on whom people used to shower a lot of love. However, when their relationship broke after 9 years, the fans were shocked. Many people still do not know the reason for their separation. If you do not even know, then tell that this beautiful relationship of both of them ended because of a tweet.

Tweet became the reason for the breakup
John and Bipasha first appeared together in the 2003 film Jism and their love story started from this film itself. Both publicly accepted their relationship. Both were often spotted roaming together. Then something happened that soured their relationship. This relationship ended with a tweet by John Abraham. Actually, in 2014, John Abraham made a tweet, in which he mentioned a girl named Priya Runchal. Bipasha was deeply shocked by this tweet and there was a rift in their relationship.

John later marries Priya
Please tell that after the breakup with Bipasha, John later married Priya Runchal. In the year 2014 itself, Priya and John were tied in marriage. At the same time, two years after John’s marriage, Bipasha Basu also married TV’s famous actor Karan Singh Grover. Karan and Bipasha have recently become parents of a daughter, whom they have named Devi. During pregnancy, Bipasha was in a lot of discussion about her photoshoot.

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