Ban vs Ind 2022 – 1st Test


After five days of hard-fought Test cricket in Chattogram, when India will have a fine evening watching the football World Cup final and having a team dinner, for the first time since July they will experience something oddly-satisfying from five days ago. There is pain. Cricket day.

While the scorecard would show a comprehensive win – and it was one – India had to work hard to achieve it. He had to revive with the bat in his first innings and then toiled for 46 overs for his first wicket in the second. When you get back into test mode it’s just the kind of test you want – tough but not threatening to lose. A tight series against Australia awaits at home, which carries final qualification implications for the World Test Championship.

India’s stand-in captain KL Rahul said, “This is Test cricket: you’re never going to get a win that easy.” “We know this. We have played enough Test cricket to understand that there will be phases where the opposition play well too. We need to respect that and keep doing our job. I am very proud of that.”

“Our energy and intensity has been really high throughout the Test match, and we’ve kept it up throughout the day. Over the last five days we’ve shown a lot of commitment to the team. We haven’t played Test cricket in a while, so there There was some concern going into the Test match how the body would react and how we would be able to stay on the park for so long, and keep our focus and intensity. We did really well, and that’s enjoyable.”

As has been the case with Indian Test cricket in recent years, players who are not regulars grabbed the opportunities. Left-arm wrist spinner Kuldeep Yadav was the player of the match, Shubman Gill registered his maiden Test century and Mohammad Siraj also did well. Rahul was asked how the team keeps these players happy as they do not get regular chances.

“Players at this level are naturally very motivated,” he said. “We are playing for our country; we have worked hard since childhood to be here. Yes sometimes when you are in and out of the team and you don’t get too many opportunities. It’s natural to feel down and Is.” Not confident enough. But as a group, as a team, we always try to make everyone in the group feel comfortable. It’s always about what the team needs, not individuals.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’ve played 50 Test matches or it’s your first or second. We always try to look at what the team needs and what we need to win a game of cricket. They play enough cricket .. I know they may not have played enough international cricket, but at home, first-class cricket, IPL and India A – there is a lot of cricket happening. So everyone is playing enough cricket.

“When they come into the Indian team, they come with enough games behind them. That helps them perform really well. You give them the platform, give them a bit of confidence. They have the quality, and that’s why They’re here.” And they perform really well.”

If Rohit Sharma plays in the second Test at Mirpur or Ravindra Jadeja and Mohammed Shami return, India will now have a selection headache. Rohit is yet to reach Bangladesh and his availability status for the second Test is still awaited. The difference made by Rohit’s return will be negligible as India know very well that it was his bowling that laid the foundation for the win in Chattogram.

Rahul said, “The bowling of the first innings gave us a lot of time in the Test.” “If Bangladesh had gone to 300-350, the game would have been headed for a draw. We would have tried to make a game out of it, we would have tried to give ourselves a chance, but it would have been really tough.”

“Once you get a team out for 150, it gives you a lot of time. We can bat 50-60 overs more, get some quick runs, give them a couple of days and bat again for a bit Can put in. That gave us time to get them out.”


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