Dance in bar, gender change, marriage and then paralysis attack! Bobby Darling’s life was very painful

Bobby Darling Life Facts: The real name of Bobby Darling is Pakhi Sharma. Bobby Darling has made a distinct identity for himself in films and TV. Bobby Darling has been seen performing well in many films. Bobby Darling’s personal life was full of ups and downs. Bobby Darling aka Pakhi Sharma has also been a model. Today i.e. January 10 is Bobby Darling’s birthday. In such a situation, today we will introduce you to some aspects of his life. Let me tell you, Bobby Darling faced many difficulties in her early days and even today she is struggling with many problems.

married in the year 2016
In the initial days, Bobby Darling has done dance work in the bar to earn money. She appeared in gay characters in many films. Bobby Darling also changed his gender, yet he did not get the desired success. Bobby Darling married Ramneek Sharma in the year 2016, on whom the actress later made many serious allegations like unnatural sex and assault. At present, both of them are living separately from each other. The difficulties in Bobby Darling’s life did not end here. After marriage, he also had to face a serious problem like paralysis.

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Bobby Darling is away from limelight
Let me tell you, for the last few years, Bobby Darling is away from the limelight and is living a life of anonymity. However, some time ago she appeared active on social media and shared some of her pictures. Bobby Darling wants a biopic film to be made on his life as well, in which his struggling life is shown. She wants to see Ayushmann Khurrana as a hero in this film. Bobby believes that Ayushmann is the only actor who will be able to do justice to his character.

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