Do drama well… this actor gave retirement advice to Virat Kohli, offered films

KRK On Virat Kohli Poor Form: Virat Kohli, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, is currently struggling with poor form. For the last three years, the run machine Kohli has not been able to end the drought of his 71st international century. On the recently concluded England tour, even an innings of 50 runs could not come out of Virat’s bat. Under which Kohli is now being criticized. In such a situation, Bollywood actor Kamal Rashid Khan has also targeted (KRK) Virat Kohli.

KRK gives retirement advice to Kohli

It is worth mentioning that Virat Kohli is going through the worst phase of his cricket career these days. Meanwhile, Kamal Rashid Khan has reacted by criticizing Virat Kohli. In fact, KRK recently tweeted on his official Twitter handle and wrote that “Virat Kohli brother, the time has come that you should retire from cricket. No one will be surprised by this decision of yours. You do drama very well, under which I will give you the role of a villain in my film Deshdrohi 2, not only this, I will also cast your wife and actress Anushka Sharma.

People furious over Virat’s criticism

On the criticism of former Indian captain Virat Kohli on behalf of Kamal Rashid Khan, people have erupted on social media and started telling KRK fiercely. As a result of which a Twitter user has tweeted and wrote that ‘KRK do not advise you to hunt a lion, Virat Kohli still has a lot of cricket left.’ Another user has said that ‘You should keep your advice only to the film world, do you even know the ‘K’ of cricket.’

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