France or Argentina? This team will lift world cup tonight, as per animal predictions


Japan’s shocking victory over Germany was predicted by an otter named Taiyo. In the round of 16, a gibbon predicted that Croatia would beat Japan. During his career, Paul the Octopus had a remarkable 87% success rate. World Cup mental animals have often made headlines in the past. This time the predictions of turtles and eagles are doing the rounds.

No animal has been able to beat the pioneer of this trend – Paul the octopus, also known as the Octopus Oracle. Based in Germany, Paul managed to correctly predict four of Germany’s six results at Euro 2008. Paul became widely popular during the FIFA World Cup 2010, when he correctly predicted all seven of Germany’s games, including the unexpected loss to Serbia. Paul correctly predicted that Spain would beat the Netherlands in the final.

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During the FIFA World Cup 2022, the internet is flooded with videos of animals making predictions in their own unique ways. One of the animals is an eagle named Romeo. In a prophetic video shared on YouTube, Romeo picks Argentina instead of France as the team to lift the trophy.

Another video on YouTube shows a turtle named Rocky choosing Argentina as the winner.

Other animals such as Sam the Cat and Frodo the Cat prophesied in favor of Argent. Idril the hamster also went to Argentina in his prophecy. However, this is not a one-sided bias in favor of Argentina all the time. Suruman the Snail went to France’s side to lift the trophy.

word of caution

Here is a word of caution if you are planning to take such predictions seriously. Animal predictions, as exciting as they are at face value, have been more wrong than right in the past. Even those watching such videos do not take them seriously and make fun of them. Some of these animals have been making wrong predictions for a very long time.

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