Love and marriage to the father of 3 children! Still, why didn’t Jaya Prada’s life have a happy ending?

Jaya Prada Shrikant Nahata Marriage: Jaya Prada, who has won everyone’s heart with her acting and beauty, has given more than one hit film in her film career. After earning a name in films, Jaya Prada tried her luck in politics and she also became successful. However, it is another matter that Jaya Prada remained in discussion about her personal life more than her professional life. Jaya Prada gave a lot of hit films in the 70-80s and worked with all the big stars. Jaya started working from the age of 12.

married to film producer
Jaya, who started her career with Telugu films, got real recognition only after coming to Bollywood. The year 1984 was the luckiest for Jaya Prada. This year her superhit film ‘Tohfa’ came, in which she was seen with Jitendra and Sridevi. Jaya Prada became an overnight star after this film. After earning a name in films, Jaya Prada married film producer Srikant Nahata in 1986. Jaya was the second wife of Shrikant Nahata.

did not get wife status

Actually, earlier Srikanth was married to Chandra and he was already the father of three children. Jaya and Srikanth’s marriage was mired in a lot of controversies because he had married the actress without divorcing his first wife. After 1988, Jaya started appearing less in films. It is said that even after taking seven rounds and marrying all the rules and regulations, the actress never got the status of a wife. Even today Jaya Parda has no child of her own. Actually, Jaya wanted to become a mother, but Srikanth was not ready for this. Although Jaya has adopted her younger sister’s son. At present, she is walking away from politics.

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