Pat Cummins calls for third umpire catch changes after Sydney close calls

Pat Cummins says there needs to be a better way for the third umpire to decide catches after Richard Kettleborough was forced to make three controversial decisions during the third Test.

The umpires of the Sydney match filed a review for three catches down the ground in the slips at the SCG. On each occasion, third umpire Kettleborough found that the ball had touched the ground before the fielder could control it. As a result, no catch was given.

Cummins’ teammates Marnus Labuschagne and Josh Hazlewood had earlier suggested that the first step in changing the manner of such catches would be to eliminate the on-field umpire’s soft signal, after the third umpire overturned it on two out of three occasions. although that decision now only becomes a factor if technology fails or is unavailable to the third umpire.

After the Test draw against South Africa, Cummins said, ‘I don’t really know the answer, but there has to be a way to try and rectify it somehow.’ “As it currently stands, it is really difficult to give a batsman out. If there is any benefit of the doubt, it goes in favor of the batsman.

“I think some of the camera angles are really slick, it’s very hard not to get suspicious. I feel a little over the top for Cates.”

In making the decision, the third umpire only has access to footage from the host broadcaster, Fox Sports, and not the Seven Network cameras.

“Maybe there are more cameras we can use down the track,” Cummins said.

South African captain Dean Elgar looked disappointed when his team received the first non-catch call but said at stumps that he was happy that the umpires were consistent throughout the match.

“The way the umpires handled all three was very good. I think it was brilliant,” he said. “Once you set the bar with the first one, you really can’t move much from there.

“Those things are always going to be a gray area, some people will say out, some people will say not out. At the end of the day, his decision is final and as players we respect that.”

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