Rapper Stan raging on Abdu Rojik, users put class on social media, see reaction

Bigg Boss 16 Abdu Rozik: Tajikistani singer Abdu Rozik is also seen as a contestant in the TV reality show Bigg Boss. Abdu is getting a lot of love from the Indian public. Even Abdu has not faced nomination in the show. Currently, in the latest episode of Bigg Boss, singer and rapper MC Stan shouted badly at Abdu. After this, Abdu’s fans have jumped on rapper Stan on social media.

Fans came out in support of Abdu
Everyone likes Abdu Rojik in Bigg Boss 16 for his cuteness. Abdu has a separate fan base on social media as well. So in the latest episode of Bigg Boss, when MC Stan shouted badly at Abdu Rojik, the fans came out in support of Abdu. By sharing this clip on Twitter, users are criticizing Stan. During the conversation, Stan shouted in a loud voice and told Abdu to keep quiet… People were enraged by this action of Stan.

Fans are making such comments
A Twitter user criticized MC Steyn, commenting, “MC Steyn yelled at Abdu so badly..Abdu felt so bad, he was about to cry and was about to leave the room but stopped himself. He is a very strong person.”

Another user wrote, “It was Stan who voted for Abdu and the friendship between the two has been amazing, now what?. #AbduRozik #BiggBoss16..”

One user wrote, “I always noticed that, this group always used him (Abdu) like a football…either made fun of him or shouted at him…It’s sad that Salman Khan Never talked about it.”

A female fan wrote, “The Bigg Boss trophy in the hands of Abbu will be a slap to all those people who are disrespecting him and taking him for granted. Everyone will have to applaud in the finale.”

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