‘RRR is not a Bollywood film,’ controversy will erupt after this statement of SS Rajamouli!

SS Rajamouli On Bollywood vs South Debate: Last year, many films of South Cinema had earned a bang at the box office. Most of the Bollywood films could not show their mettle in comparison to him. One of those superhit South films ‘R R R’ has spread all over the world. Recently, the superhit song ‘Naatu Naatu’ from South’s veteran director SS Rajamouli’s ‘R R R’ has also received the Golden Globe Award. Meanwhile, SS Rajamouli’s statement has now come to the fore, in which he has said that ‘R R R’ is not a Bollywood film, it is a Telugu film.

‘R R R’ director SS Rajamouli gave a big statement

Along with India, SS Rajamouli’s ‘RRR’ is also raising the flag of success at the international level. Even after almost 10 months of release, ‘R R R’ remains the first choice of the people. Meanwhile, during the screening of ‘R R R’ at the Directors Guild of US (America), SS Rajamouli made a big statement, which can fuel the Bollywood vs South debate.

In this video going viral on MovieReport.com, you can hear that SS Rajamouli is heard saying that ‘RRR is not a Bollywood film’. It is a Telugu film, where I come from. But I use songs to take the story of the film forward, not show music and dance to stop the film. If after the film is over, if you say when 3 hours have passed, then it is a big success for me as a filmmaker.

Will the Bollywood vs South issue heat up again?

After this statement of SS Rajamouli, it is certain to say that once again the issue of Bollywood vs South debate can heat up. Last year, this matter was in a lot of controversies regarding the success of South films and flop Bollywood films, in which statements of many film actors of Hindi cinema and South cinema came to the fore. In such a situation, after this statement of SS Rajamouli regarding the film ‘RRR’, there will be a spark on this controversy somewhere.

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