Sanjay Dutt, who won the battle with cancer, made a big disclosure

Sanjay Dutt On Cancer Battle: Sanjay Dutt, the veteran actor of Hindi cinema, is not dependent on any separate identity. Sanjay Dutt, who won the battle with a serious disease like cancer, is currently a source of inspiration for the people as to how he defeated this disease and now again he is focusing on his fitness. But do you know that when Sanjay Dutt came to know about cancer, he refused to get it treated and wanted to die instead of chemotherapy. Let us know why Sanjay wanted this.

Sanjay Dutt said a big thing about cancer

Last year, Sanjay Dutt was seen in the film ‘KGF 2’. In the villain role of Adheera, Sanjay Dutt won everyone’s heart with his strong acting. Recently, during a program, Sanjay Dutt has talked about his cancer journey. According to the report of E Times, Sanjay Dutt has said that- ‘When I was shooting for the film ‘KGF 2’, at that time I had a lot of complaint of back pain.

Due to which I had to resort to medicines as well as hot water bottles during the shoot. But one day I had a lot of difficulty in breathing and then I went to the hospital for check up, where I was alone and then a person came there and told me that I am suffering from cancer. At that time the only thing in my mind was that I did not want to take chemotherapy. If I want to die then just die, I did not want any treatment.

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history of cancer

Keeping his point forward, Sanjay Dutt told that- ‘His family has an old history of cancer. My mother Nargis died due to stomach (pancreatic) cancer. Not only this, my first wife Richa Sharma had also said goodbye to the world due to breast cancer. But during cancer, his wife Manyata Dutt and sisters Priya and Namrata Dutt supported me a lot. The rest of the team of doctors helped me a lot to win over this serious disease.

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