Sometimes questions on ‘Acche Din’ and sometimes on ‘Kashmir Files’, whenever Kapil Sharma surrounded by controversies

Kapil Sharma Controversy: In today’s era, comedian Kapil Sharma is not interested in any identity. Controversies surrounded him more than the praise he got from his work. Kapil Sharma, who came into the limelight with his show Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma, has a relationship with controversies. Every day they become a victim of some controversy. Sometimes on the question of ‘Acche Din’ from PM Modi and sometimes he gets into controversy on some issue. So today we will tell you about some such controversy of Kapil Sharma.

Questioned PM Modi on ‘Acche Din’

Kapil Sharma once tagged PM Modi and wrote that he is paying tax of 15 crores for the last five years and he had to pay a bribe of up to 5 lakhs to BMC to open the office, is it your good days? Huh. It did not take time for him to write this and the controversy came. He had gone to Maldives to avoid controversies, but he was trolled fiercely.

Controversy over Kashmir files

This controversy started when Kashmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri tweeted and accused Kapil Sharma of not promoting his film. In response, Kapil posted a video of Anupam Kher, in which he was seen saying that he was called on the show. However, after this video, Anupam Kher accused him of telling half-truths.

controversy over Chitragupta

Kapil Sharma made a comment on Chitragupta in an episode of 2020. After which the Kayastha community had become so angry that they started demanding to ban the show. Then Kapil Sharma had to issue a public apology.

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