Alexander Volkanovski defeated Max Holloway with a unanimous decision to defend the Fur Class title on UFC 276

Volkanovski (25-1) maintains a fur class championship for the fourth time Saturday night, defeating Holloway (23-7) through a unanimous decision in a highly anticipated trilogy battle.

The three judges scored a 145 pound title battle, which Co-Headlined UFC 276 in the T-Mobile Arena, a clean 50-45 sweep for defending champions.

The five -round Saturday contest, so far, is the most certain result of the trilogy. Both of them first met at UFC 245 in December 2019, and once again at UFC 251 in July 2020.

Volkanovski won the two with a decision, but the fight was very close - especially a reconciliation.

As soon as the reconciliation, some in sports still consider Holloway as the Champion of the True Bulu Class, but the sentiment is long, long disappeared after UFC 276.

Saturday battles are played entirely on the feet, with no fur class and even trying to take off until the final round.

Holloway, from Waianae, Hawaii, moved forward throughout the fight, but struggled to land a consistent violation of the voiced Volkanovski.

Volkanovski, meanwhile, punished Holloway throughout. He opened the inner piece on Holloway's left eyebrow in the second half and ruined his nose with a shot in fourth.

According to UFC statistics, Volkanovski outperformed Holloway's total 204 to 161 - and the difference was clearer than those who watched the battle.

Volkanovski's defense is completely extraordinary, and he regularly landed a heavy right hand when Holloway came with a blow.

Holloway who was looking for removal, was unsuccessful, in the final round - his face was messy.

Volkanovski, from Australia, has emerged as the best pound-front warrior in the world since taking the Holloway belt in their first battle.

He has now defended the title against Holloway twice, and against Brian Ortega and Chan Sung Jung.

He is currently eyeing steps to lightly challenge the second belt, a proposal where the UFC President Dana White has voiced his support.

"I want to be on as much as possible," said Volkanovski. "I want to be busy. I don't think this division can make me busy by itself. I want to go up."


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