Denny Hamlin: 8 Road Course on Nascar Xfinity Schedule is 'too far in One Direction'

Denny Hamlin thinks Nascar, in one example, makes the steps "too far in one direction." 

Nascar released the 2023 Cup series schedule, Xfinity Series and Truck Series on Wednesday afternoon. 

Among the most prominent highlights of the schedule-DROP is that the Xfinity series will feature eight races of streets by Hamlin, 

driver of veteran car No. 11 For Joe Gibbs Racing and the owner of somexi racing partially, which is too much. 

"I think Nascar for years, and what was built, is an oval path racing, short lane racing,"

 he told reporters about the availability of zoom video media on Thursday.

 "While I like to see where we are going to go with our schedule on the side of the trophy, back to the old historic track, 

especially with the All-Star race, I certainly just my opinion we have to start tapering from several road courses that are currently We run. 

"The driver added:" Eight in the xfinity series? I mean, that's a lot. 

"Hamlin, who has collected 48 wins since his first season in 2006, has been praised for speaking with 

authority about issues that must be handled by Nascar - from the safety of the car car. 

Next, to the industrial economic model and many more.

One opinion that he is ready to repeat is that racing roads should not replace oval racing.

 He did it after the Cup race in Indianapolis this year-tweeting "#bringbacktheoval" after

 the race full of accidents and accidents in Brickyard in July-and he did it again on Thursday. 

The Xfinity series is a place to proof for the NASCAR Cup driver in the future and has helped produce some of the biggest stars of Nascar.

 "Did they get a lot of very good knowledge for the Cup series? I am not very sure, "Hamlin said." (Xfinity car) does not shift the same.

 They will not put the brakes on. Once again, the technique you use to quickly in a road course is the same,

 no matter what the car is, but I am really not sure that that's where we must go. "


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