"We have sacrificed our own performance" says Denny Hamlin in giving Bubba Wallace Jr.'s team a chance.

Fellow Racing Owner 23XI Denny Hamlin played an important role in the beginning of the team in 2020. 

Partnering with basketball legend Michael Jordan, Hamlin envisioned a team that pushed the boundaries 

of what was deemed normal in NASCAR and bought a breath of fresh air to the stock car racing community.

While Kurt Busch and crew #45 have had relative success during the 2022 series season,

 Bubba Wallace Jr. And the crew #23 has struggled for this season. 

Tampa, the native of Florida, as a side product of the misery that his team had,

 had compromised his own driving career and his own appearance at Joe Gibbs Racing.

The Hamlin Cup series began with the DNF on Daytona 500 which opened the season. 

Since then, he has seen the highest with two trips to Victory Lane and Lows with many mistakes in Pit Road.

 The most famous who came at Dover International Speedway, who saw #11 Toyota Camry TRD lost the wheels like many other people this year.

While the resulting punishment means he has the choice to borrow two crew members from 23xi racing, he refused, said:

"Actually, to be clear, when I lost two people, JGR told me that the best choice was to take two people from 23 and put them in my team. 

They are the best available that we can take versus to take two backups on the bench to wait to appear. I said, "No, give me anyone left."


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