Gibbs 'surprised' team hasn't signed 2-time Cup champ Busch

Joe Gibbs said he was surprised that his Elymous racing team had not yet signed the second place in the Kyle Busch Nascar Cup Series with a contract for 2023.

Busch faces an uncertain future after M&M Mars announced it will attract marketing expenses at the end of this season.

 The company has sponsored Busch since he joined Joe Gibbs Racing in 2008.

The search for new sponsors has been protracted -Laves and Busch clearly

 -clearly annoyed he does not have a new agreement.

 Busch said that on Saturday the new contract "would be fun, faster than later."

Busch does not offer specifically but says he has shopped to another team, despite the rare championship caliber rides.

"It's hard," Gibbs said on Sunday in New Hampshire Motor Speedway. 

"We have worked very hard to try and finish something. That's difficult. 

You have to place a lot of places to make everything walk. We work as hard as we can.

 We will pursue a number of different directions.

 So yes, I was surprised at this point that we could not finish it. "

The 37-year-old Busch has 222 wins in three national series Nascar and is the only active trophy driver with several championships.

 Busch only has one win this season and finished its 12th week in New Hampshire.

Dave Alpern, President Joe Gibbs Racing, previously said he intended to ask Busch to return next year.

 The President of Toyota David Wilson racing development said that last week the manufacturer

 "worked diligently, with hands," to keep the busch folding JGR.

"But honestly, it doesn't matter how fast or late it is done," Busch said Saturday.

 "Until there is an announcement that other people drive a car 18, so I feel I still have a chair."


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