Is Bubba Wallace Jr. related to Wendell Scott?

Bubba Wallace Jr. has considered himself as a polarization figure in Nascar in modern times and times.

 It is often said that something that will revolutionize the world is often polarized.

 Whether you like it or not, Wallace Jr. It has been proven only that.

 The only African-American driver in the trophy series, the highest echelon in stock car racing,

 made waves in 2020 when he spoke against topics that were declared normal by fans and teams.

Activism against the inherent racial inequality and discrimination in sports attracts the attention of the 

world when he is wearing a 'Black Lives Matter' shirt and car livery during the race weekend.

 All failures that surround activism against the confederation flag, the Nascar symbol from the beginning, 

almost reached a dizzying height because he was allegedly threatened in Talladega Superspeedway with a snare in his garage.

Bubba Wallace Jr. Also does not avoid topics such as depression and mental health, 

and urge people to talk about it. Suffering from his own depression, 

Wallace Jr. Want people to seek help for the same thing.

The 2021 Yellawood 500 on Talladega Superspeedway saw that the 23XI racing driver won his first victory in the Cup series.

 The race that was delayed by Rain Saw Wallace Jr. Celebrate in an extraordinary way after an official announcement.

 This marks the second victory by an African-American in the trophy series,

 after a particular driver named Wendell Scott Won in Jacksonville, Florida 57 years ago.

While Bubba Wallace JR was not directly related to Wendell Scott,

 his historic victory last year opened a conversation with Scott's son, Franklin Scott.

 Wallace JR claimed to hear Franklin's father's voice from heaven during the last round of the race.


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