Kelly Ripa regrets the tattoo she had made in her husband's name.

During the episode Live with Kelly and Ryan in March 2022, 

Ripa opened part of her mind to the marks. 

He shared with co-moderator Ryan Seacrest and the audience that 

he thought tattoos "are always a terrible idea."

"It's about putting your favorite sweater on for the rest of your life," 

he said, "or at least until Dr. [Roy G.] Geronemus lasers it."

Ripa revealed that she was already in the process of getting a 

"Consuelos" tattoo because she was "very foggy."

He explains, "People started asking me if it all said weird things, 

and it started to look like other words, so I deleted it."

"I love tattoos," Ripa added, "and I still love him, 

but when people started asking me if it didn't say inappropriate words - 

 even by my standards, and that said something - I said, 'It's irresponsible.' get rid of it. "


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