Kelly Ripa reveals thoughts on shocking Will Smith Oscars moment The Live with Kelly and Ryan hosts opened up

kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest took to the air for their After Oscars show bright and early on Monday morning following Sunday's eventful 94th Academy Awards ceremony.

While addressing the big moments of the night on Live with Kelly and Ryan, the two couldn't skirt around talking about the big one, that being Will Smith shockingly attacking Chris Rock.

"I'm sure you join us in acknowledging there was tons of confusion, certainly on this studio floor," Kelly started. 

"If you were watching at home, the moment that everybody was talking about…" she said, to which Ryan added: "It changed the mood, Chris Rock and Will Smith.

"We thought it was a scripted moment!" Kelly explained, after which Ryan also detailed: "We thought initially it was choreographed. 

"And then when the audio went out for so long, we could tell that this was not meant to happen. We're not sure what will happen and it created a lot of social media talk. 


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