Kelly Ripa's Diet Strategies For Looking And Feeling Great

Kelly Ripa's super-fit body is not visible a day older than when she is in her 20s and

 plays Hayley Vaughan in all my children's soap operas. 

 Some might even say he looks fitter now - three decades later, at the age of 51 years and with three children!

How did he do it? He said this was a combination of healthy eating,

 many exercise time, and lifestyle changes that affect his welfare.

She Follows The Alkaline Diet
The host of the actress and talk show 

follow the alkaline diet (ie, a low acid diet), said in the episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan

, "That has changed my life ... I swear I think it is responsible for me not in pain. "

He also explained to the people, "I believe that inflammation is one of the big killers of people,

 in a different way. Whether it's digestive problems, or heart health,

or brain inflammation. Inflammation really affects your body in totality, so I try to maintain a true diet -really alkaline. "

'A Very Manageable Cleanse'
Ripa first tried a diet, which was mostly vegan,

 as a cleanser in 2015 when he was in physical therapy for some injuries.

At that time, he said that it was "very easy to manage" and not what made him hungry.

"I really eat more in this cleaning than I do in my true life,

 but that's what you eat and how you eat it," he told people.

Opera soap alumni admit that there are still certain items that they have to have, such as coffee with cream.

Her Fitness RoutineIn
addition to the diet, RIPA also focuses on sports to achieve its strong physical. 

He vowed with AKT, or Anna Kaiser's technique, a combination of dance and training of high intensity interval (hiit).


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