Kurt Busch discusses NASCAR future

Kurt Busch is among several NASCAR drivers who are more than 40 who still exist on the track and produce victory.

 That is why it was surprising that, regardless of his success, they decided to sign Tyler Reddick early last week,

 although Reddick would not join the team for two more years. 

However, when that happened, whether he or Bubba Wallace needs to leave the team.

Instead of being upset, Busch does not seem to be interrupted by change,

 saying that any plan that may be possessed by 23xi racing in the future, he has no effect on his plan.

"Everything is in the same timeline," Busch said Friday night before the race in New Hampshire.

 "For me, this has just been open, the things we have done behind the scenes, 

part of the driver's process that we evaluate and communicate with Toyota and their development programs as well.

 So neat to have this option, that is the key and the option of this.

 This is what he did with sponsors, that was what he did with Toyota's involvement,

 and the way we developed several things and infrastructure behind the scenes.

 This is a key movement. And that's what we try to do is do it as a team. "

Although there is speculation about who might come out once Reddick entered, Busch did not seem to worry about his place in the team.

"Still the same, this is the right choice. And when all the signs show this or that,

 the great thing I have now is very respectful of the racing team. Steve Lauletta, MJ (Michael Jordan), 

and Denny (Hamlin) said that I had a chair during I wanted it. That's very valuable to me.

 Just ... it made me smile, want to race harder, and work harder.

 So there are still many options that we see. "


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