RYAN Seacrest has suffered a major blunder during the live broadcast of his talk show with co-host Kelly Ripa on Monday.

The 47-year-old man had several accidents on TV lately, including damage to the wardrobe during the American Idol final a few weeks ago.

During Live with Kelly and Ryan broadcast on Monday, the host duo has fun with several dogs.

They joined training expert Andrea Arden, who taught them some tricks.

Unfortunately, Ryan could not learn lessons quite quickly, because he had problems with dogs.

At one point, he found himself on the ground, trying to make a dog back to him.

Experts must go in and exchange dogs with him to help.

However, it did not help long, because the next puppy also immediately fled from Ryan.

This time, he had to run away from the set and backstage to chase animals, before bringing puppies back forward and centered a few moments later.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Andrea work to maintain the remaining segments and topics.

"I tried to stay focused," said the last, when he turned a little to see Ryan running throughout the set.

Kelly decided: "This dog is afraid of Ryan!"

He then joked to ask him: "Ryan, Cologne what are you wearing today?"

Previously in the episode, he showed off a copy of the photo he posted to his Instagram on Sunday.

In the shot, the 47-year-old man showed off his bulging muscles with a small shirt he rolled out to express his naked arms.

He tends to go to the grill in the picture, but fans are more focused on his strong triceps.

On Instagram, one person is passionately after the American Idol program, commented: "Ryan and the gun show! Hopefully they are registered."

The others asked: "Where is Ryan Beach?"

"Is this really about food," roasted the third fan, along with flexible emojis.

The fourth one wrote, "aka Let Me showing off my big arm muscles LMAO."


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