NASCAR Crash Course: Why Corey LaJoie's last-ditch effort was no match for Chase Elliott

Corey Lajoie almost won the victory of the Maiden Cup series at Atlanta 

Corey Lajoie has a victory in his view. He was in the last lap in Atlanta Motor Speedway,

 in second place in a package race that made it easy to run and arrange through the leader.

Problem? The Nascar Cup Series champion, Chase Elliott, is in the first position,

 looking for his first career victory on his hometown track. He won't give up easily.

Lajoie found a difficult way.

By blocking high line, Elliott forced Lajoie to the tracks and Chevrolet No. 7 only lost control.

 With that, the first sixth winner in 2022 instead saw the glass sandals in pieces in a matter of seconds.

"I moved, and that was unsuccessful," Lajoie said. "He made a good block,

 and the siren rang in Dawsonville [Elliott's hometown], unfortunately."

The accident ended another crazy race in front of AMS.

 Changing this track into a package racing format created a total of 73 changes in leading in two events this season,

 the most for the two AMS Cup Back-to-back races since 1982.

With 13 Heart Flags -Hati who won the order of walking, Elliott managed to stay in front and avoid the massacre.

 Leading 96 rounds as high as racing, he will not let this opportunity slip-not with the crowd behind him and the Billiard Dawsonville Siren room which is 90 minutes driving.

"I have watched people winning on their home tracks," Elliott said, "and you can always say that is very meaningful to them,

 but until you start competing somewhere on the highest stage of sports like this,

 I'm not sure you are fully understanding Meaning and what it means to you. "

The only winner of the trophy three times this season, Elliott's Edge in playoff points grew to seven in the 

rest of the field and will increase substantially with the regular season title.


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