Urfi Javed takes care of Islam

Orfi Javed on Religion: Today every child recognizes Urfi Javed. Urfi Javed is famous for her unusual fashion sense. Urfi often gets trolled for her dressing sense. However, she does not let this affect her personal life. Urfi Javed recently gave an interview to Tele Masala, in which he expressed his views on the religion of Islam. In this interview, Urfi had said that now people do not follow Islam as before. Along with this, the actress had said many things about Islam, for which she was also trolled.

Urfi said such things about religion
Urfi had said in this interview, “People are following religions according to their own. No one is following it as it was formed two thousand years ago. You changed your religion according to your own and when If I am doing that then you are facing a big problem. I do not believe in religion, nor have I taken any responsibility of any religion”. Talking about the restrictions imposed in the religion of Islam, Urfi further says, “In Islam, music should not be listened to much. Why? There is no reason behind it, it is haram, why is it haram? Or do you do Kanyadaan in Hinduism. ..Why do you do Kanyadan. Girl is the thing to donate”.

Father did torture
Similarly, another interview of Urfi Javed was very much discussed, in which he talked about his father. Urfi had told that his father had tortured him mentally and physically continuously for two years. Urfi had said, “My father tortured me physically and mentally for 2 years. I could not even remember my name. People used to call me with so many dirty abuses. I did not have the freedom to speak anything. I had to do this for 17 years. It was told that girls cannot speak. Whatever the man says is right”.

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